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Captain David Schwarz


I seek boat owners with vessels sized 50 ft. to 100 ft. that are interested in hiring me as captain for cruising, fishing, or diving throughout south Florida, Bahamas, and the Caribbean. I possess “full charge” competency and value the responsibilities of being in command. Boat owners, guests, and charter parties quickly recognize my professionalism in planning, provisioning, every day operation, and proficiency in making repairs, resourcefulness, and general vessel management. I served in the U.S. Navy upon small vessels on the U. S. east and west coasts and southeast Asia. I hold a U.S. Coast Guard Master 100 Ton license and have been captain on boats in size up to 85 ft. During my career, I have owned and operated boats having logged over 1500 days of sea time becoming mechanically proficient with experience in maintenance of reverse osmosis desalination plants, diesel engines, generators and air conditioning systems. As yacht captain, I have cruised throughout the east coast of Florida to Key West and most of the Bahamas. I am a successful sport fishing captain catching pelagic and bottom fish: drifting for swordfish, trolling for marlin, high-speed trolling for wahoo( placed 8th in 2003 and 6th. 2004 Bahamas Wahoo Championships), kite fishing for sailfish, deep water electric reel fishing for golden tilefish, yellow-eye snapper, queen snappers, assorted groupers, and can site and catch bonefish. Some of the most enjoyable fishing may be with light tackle utilizing chum to attract bottom fish including yellowtail, various snappers and groupers. I am an avid PADI certified diver and have exposed many boat owners and guests to diving with snorkel, and third lung to catch lobsters and shoot fish with an Hawaiian Sling. I consider myself to be presentable in appearance and personal dress/hygiene, sufficiently educated (MBA in Management) and well-rounded to carry conversation, coupled with a sense of humor to entertain. I look forward to demonstrating my knowledge, skills, and abilities as your captain. I seek a position as manager/boat(s) captain of a large private estate located in a maritime environment, preferably in the Florida Keys, Bahamas, and Caribbean. As manager I would manage a permanent staff for cooking and housekeeping; maintaining the buildings, property and villas; sportfishing boat(s), and catering to the owners' visits as well as guests and business associates sent to enjoy the resort/estate, boat(s), fishing, and diving in the surrounding waters. My education includes a B.S. degree in Management and a Master's Degree in Business Administration with Emphasis in Management. I am experienced in managing and supervising human resources of Bahamian, Caribbean, Latin American, and Asian decent and have operating knowledge of most business practices and computer software applications. I have considerable experience in hands-on maintenance of buildings. My construction knowledge, skills and abilities, that I perceive to be of value in a remote location including concrete foundations, floors, setting ceramic tile, plumbing and electric repairs, hanging and finishing drywall, painting, shingling roofs and generally most repair/rehabilitation work required on buildings. I have been a boat owner and captain for over 30 years and therefore have substantial experience with diesel engines, generators, water pressure systems, reverse osmosis desalination plants, outboard engines, and both power and sail boats. I have been a successful fisherman for pelagic and bottom fish, and dive with snorkel, scuba tanks, and third lung.
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Florida, United States,

Added 2009/03/25 | Updated 2009/07/07
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